5 Day Refill Videos

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

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  1. John A Hardy says:

    Brilliant Thought – ‘You Work From Rest!’

    Daily Breaks – this is the principle of ‘Oscillation’ – It works really well when you understand that you’re already doing it. When you identify it better, it creates a better energy and engagement for you during the day.

    Love the eight week strategy – three one week breaks and one longer one of five weeks. I am going to take that up and help those that I work with – Great insight.

    Booked Holiday! Three weeks. Booked a one week break in June well.

    Thanks John for the Five Day Reboot!

  2. John Finkelde says:

    Hey John many thanks for engaging and thrilled you found it helpful

    Love the thought on oscillation – excellent!

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