6 Simple Steps When Your Church Feels Stuck

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  1. violet kidiga says:

    Hey John am so much excited to learn from you on the six steps when the church get stuck. The six steps are the foundation of the church and they determine the growth of the church. These gives me a clear picture of my church, there simple things that you can share seems simple but have a great impact on the ministry. In the departments I serve I have managed 4 of the steps: empowering women in leadership by delegating them to share God’s word, sing and lead services and I’ve seen it work. these has made them to own the church and therefore there is no supper stars. key leaders connect together and developing groups to see projects of the church run as we pray together and implement our plans and stepping back to see the work done as expected. am remaining with thinking radical especial and reshape visitor pathway which is supposed to be done by the senior pastor and needs prayers and I know and believe strongly we are a healthy church. God bless you so much for opening my eyes.

    1. John Finkelde says:

      Thrilled you are getting so much from the material Violet

  2. John Douglas says:

    Great, thanks John 🙂
    JD @ BBC (Tauranga)

    1. John Finkelde says:

      Thanks John!

  3. Livingstone Nyanje says:

    For sure this is an eye opener for and the entire leadership of our congregation. The area of community connection, I beginning immediately. I will be happy to continue evaluating.

  4. Livingstone Nyanje says:

    What a talk! This is great, I’m taking it on right a way.

    1. John Finkelde says:

      Thank you Livingstone

      Thrilled it has helped you

  5. Rohan Bell says:

    Hey thanks John. Such an encouraging reminder that regardless of our size we can all get stuck and need to recalibrate from time to time. 👍🏼

    1. John Finkelde says:

      Thanks Rohan, yes timely reminders are essential for healthy leadership

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