Ask John Anything April 2018

0:58 – What will be in Hub 2.0?
2:15 – What microphone do you use to record your PowerPoint presentation and are you using Camtasia to capture or record your screen?
3:42 – We just had 30% bump in Attendance for Easter due to first time visitors. Now what? I am really tired after Easter. But its game time with followup. Any ideas?
6:51 – Our leadership team is just the best. But things are losing a bit of their spark in terms of excitement to be getting together. How do I maintain the fun factor when I am carrying constant pressure and sometimes all I want to do is curl up and go to sleep?
11:21 – What are the top 5 or so themes to study with a leadership development group over a six month period?
18:27 – What are common traits that you have witnessed within successful and flourishing leadership teams?

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