Ask John Anything 7 June 2017

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In this webinar I answer questions including these:

What are the top 5 do’s and don’ts for running great leaders’ meetings? [2.21]

What’s the top 3 things a Pastor should do before they plant a church? [7.35]

Should a pastor tithe? I have heard different opinions on this. If tithing (or giving at all) should the pastor give to the church they lead, or should they give to the church of the person who is pastoring/leading them? [12.00]

At what stage is it appropriate for a church to commence paying their pastor full time? [17.15]

How does one manage the practicalities of having a management committee/board if the church is really small? [20.25]

What to do with a lying leader? [23.20]

How do you find a good financial advisor? [29.15]

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