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Do you have any stats on conversion growth in numbers compared to transfer growth in large churches? Which church size has the highest number of converts as a percentage of incoming church members? [00.25]

Can you give a few ideas about encouraging, inspiring and ‘visioning’ business people in the church? (I have no business background) [3.20]

How do I respond to local people who like our Facebook page? Do I say thanks or leave them alone? [9.13]

We just had an elder member step down and there was some bad blood, but the resignation did happen peacefully. How long does it normally take to see the full extent of the fallout from additional offended people leaving? Do you try to do any kind of follow up when you suspect people have left[11.50]

What are 3 things you can do to shift culture in a church[16.35]

How do you address those who don’t believe women should be in leadership? [21.15]

How do you help people get into tithing who are new to it and they want to do it but their family budget is genuinely very tight[25.00]