Hub Monthly (Team Subscription)

A Team Subscription allows a Pastor to add 10 leaders to the Hub. They receive full access to all Hub materials.

Please fill in the registration form and join us in the Hub.

There is no charge for the first 14 days.

If there’s no charge for the first 14 days why do I ask for your credit card?

  1. It protects me from repeat offenders who keep signing up for multiple free months (yes even Christians will try this)
  2. When I use a free trial with a credit card it focuses me on trialling the content for the free period
  3. I want you to experience the Hub while making it super easy to cancel your membership at any time. Here’s the link which you can store for future use

Note: US$

Please click here if you would prefer to save $$$ with the Annual Membership which is $499/year.